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Password Security Software Review

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Get Started Step: #4

Product:  Roboform
Cost: Free

Description:Roboform is a password security software,manager and form filler that not only keeps your passwords safe, but makes an internet marketer’s life much easier. From the ability to organize your favorite and most frequented websites, to a simple one click sign-on to websites it doesn’t get any easier. With the number of sites that one visits and possible e-mail accounts to keep track of as an internet marketer, this software makes organization a snap. I used Roboform before for strictly personal use, but now that I am a full time marketer I can’t imagine how I’d live without it. The free version of Roboform lets you store up to 10 passwords, to have unlimited you can upgrade to Pro for $29.95. There is also a portable password manager option called Roboform2Go that you can download free that allows you to have all of your passwords with you on a USB flash drive so that you can access them on any PC.

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