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How to Make Money in School – Free Ways to Earn Money Online

Wondering how to make money in school?

Times have changed and making money in school has never been easier. You no longer have to go get a “real” job to make ends meet or even help pay for college. Instead you can do something incredibly simple and start to make money in school right away.

It doesn’t matter if you need to know how to make money in high school or college, anyone can do this. So what exactly is the “this”? It’s easy. Follow the 4 steps below:

1. Write an Article:

What kind of article?

400 words are all you need, pick a subject, any subject.

Do you have a particular interest? It is even easier to write a 400 word article when you are already interested in the subject, but even if you have nothing in particular you want to write about, it is easy to do a little research about any topic and construct a 400 word article.

So, choose an area of interest, for example: sports. Now drill down to something in particular about sports, a certain sport, or a certain product.

Run a quick search on the Google Keyword Tool to see what kind of terms people are looking for already and base your article’s topic around those keywords.

2. Submit Your Article:

When you are done writing the article, submit it to an article directory; there are a ton of directories out there.

When your article has become live and can receive traffic from any of the search engines, it is time to write another article. 400 words is not hard, do not whine. All of this pretty easy work is worth it. See the next step.

3. Send Free Traffic to Article:

To send free traffic to your first article, you will be writing more articles that point to your first article.

Each time you create a link to your article you will be helping to increase its rank in the search engine results (meaning when someone types in the keywords you chose, i.e. “how to bowl a perfect score”, you will be helping your article to show up in the top searches, or page 1 of Google.)

The key is to link to your article putting your magic keywords into the link text that they will be clicking on.

4. Make Sales from Affiliate Link:

So how do you make money doing this?

In the first article that you wrote, you will have included an affiliate link (your own personal link to a product for whatever you are writing about). When a purchase is made from your link, you will make a commission.

You can write as many articles as you wish, you can market any products you want. With millions of products out there, there is no limit to the amount of income you can make using free ways to earn money online.

None of the above steps will cost you any money to do.

If you are interested in learning more about these steps and having one-on-one help, you can sign-up for my free guide below that will help you get started.

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